Safe Period Calendar

Keep track of a female's safe period in a Windows Mobile device

Remembering or calculating one's safe period is  troublesome, but the consequences of not getting it right can be very serious. That's why this program is so useful.

What Safe Period Calendar does is, first, keep a log of a female's menstrual cycles' dates. Then based on these dates, the program computes the days when a female is very likely (or less likely) to conceive. Also, it can show when next MC is expected to come.

This program supports two ways of computing the safe period: Knaus-Ogino Method, and Standard Days Method. The latter is better suited for those whose MC cycles are regular. The user can choose which method to use.


Free Trial Version

Click the Download button on the right to get the free trial version. This trial version is absolutely free and is fully functional, except that except that it can't save the MC dates into a file.

After trial use, if you are satisfied with this product, you can purchase it and you will be issued with a registration code. By using the Register menu command from the program, you can enter the code into the software and it will automatically turn into a registered version. The trial limitation will be lifted after you have registered.